Climate Change and Human Evolution
Daniel DeMarco

Hey Ivana and Daniel,

First, I really appreciate your comment (Ivana) and your article (Daniel), which I think is right in the sweet spot of provoking thoughts by using hypothetical facts and common knowledge about the evolution. I enjoyed it very much!

If you allow me to share the link to your article via Insta (felixbra) and Snap (felixfelicianus), it would mean a lot to me!

Furthermore, I would like to add another point to your argumentation: In my opinion, climate change does not only include an increasing carbon dioxide concentration and consequently, the extinction of species.

In addition, a major challenge is the water scarcity which will lead to mass migration and probably wars for water. Nevertheless, “in the end”, when there is no water left on the earth, all wars will not prevent us from dying of thirst. Note: I do believe that this is a possible scenario if we do not adapt (see the link at the end).

From my point of view, it is very likely that a combination of several threads (CO2, Water scarcity and extinction of species) overstrain the intelligence of mankind and therefore, result in our extinction.

Those depressing and frustrating thoughts could paralyze you, or wake you up. I woke up and save now 2000 liters of water on a daily basis. If you want to save water yourself, which I highly recommend, I encourage you to read my article. However, the challenge of climate change cannot be withstand alone and that is why I motivate you to share the information with your family and friends if you think it can have a positive impact.

I really look forward to your feedback regarding sharing your article and your thoughts on this comment or the water footprint article!

Anyway, have an awesome day :D


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