Wet behind the ears — How and why water matters
Lee Cadesky

Hey Lee, first, I really thank you for sharing these great insights with us! :D

I never thought about insects as a source for sustainable food which seams kind of unnatural to me however, very interesting.

Furthermore, I totally agree that water is our most important resource and therefore, we need to save it now until it is too late. Sadly, I do not think that most people know enough about the water footprint and the consequences to eat for example 100 grams of beef, which requires 1500 liters of water to produce!

I will definitely share your article on Snapchat and Instagram due to the interesting thought of insects as food. Of course, only if you allow me to share the link.

At the end of this rant, I encourage you to read my article about how you can reduce your daily water footprint by 2000 liters every day, and share it with your friends if you think it is worth it. I would really appreciate your feedback regarding the sharing of your article and additionally, a comment with your thoughts on my article.

Anyway have an awesome day and keep the great work up!


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