Designing a Renewable Food System
Urban Resilience Project

Hey Paula,

first, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I really appreciate it :D

I’m wondering if you (& Center for Good Food Purchasing) think about the water footprint beside your goals of local, organic and fair food.

I give you an example, so you’ll understand what I’m aiming at:

1 kg chicken requires 4,000 liters of freshwater to produce.

On the contrary, 1 kg beef requires 15,000 liters!!!

-> Conclusion: Eat less beef and more chicken or stop eating meat at all.

If you would like to get more information including a list of the water footprints of 30 main foods (f.e. apples, coffee, milk and wheatbread), contact me ( I’m pumped to share with you some strategies on how to reduce the water footprint of the world!

In any case, have an awesome day :D


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