Hey Felix,
Steve Gillman

Wow! Thanks for your detailed answer!!!

I totally agree that we must buy stuff from green companies and thus using the enormous power all end-consumers have.

However, the key challenge is to increase the attention and the awareness that every individual can have an impact, all based on the idea of the large change that is inevitably consisting of many small changes.

F.e. I used to drink around 3 cups of coffee every day which resulted in a water consumption of 420 liters daily! Since I knew about this waste, I didn’t drink coffee and therefore reduced my water footprint by 2100 liters in just 5 days!

If you are interested in the topic of water footprints, I can send you my personal list which contains around 30 water footprints of main foods (f.e. pasta, wheatbread, meat…).

I’m also curious about your opinion regarding an implementation of the carbon-tax in the next years — do you think this is probable?

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