A New Perspective on Education

Hello Medium

my name is Felix Greese, I am 18 years old and come from Germany.

While graduating from high school even the laziest and most relaxed students started sweating and preparing rigorously for the final exams to have the best options for their professional career. I think that the majority of my colleagues have lost sight of what is important in life. Instead their college degree enjoys highest priority whereby in my opinion they miss out on some decisive aspects.

My following stories and blogs are targeted at high school and college students as well as anybody who is also interested. Topics will include college education, personal branding, personal development, free spirit and anything what I think is important and can be integrated into your daily routine (even in college):) I will also reveal what I am going to do during my gap year and what I will learn from the process.

I will set up a website where I can publish my blog posts. If you are looking forward to reading my stories or just want to give some suggestions where all of this could go, please leave some feedback, like this story and follow my profile.

Happy reading, Felix