Case Study: Homecrafters Flooring

Finding a flooring company’s visual voice.

Client: Homecrafters Flooring Inc.

The flooring arena is one of the few remaining industries which has, unfortunately, stayed true to incredibly kitschy, dated looks. Steve Noel, founder of Homecrafters, is far too much of a badass to fall into the masses and as an added bonus, he is legitimately fantastic at what he does.

Sir Steve Noel

The basic strategic approach was based on 3 ideas:

1) Homecrafters is about quality. No shortcuts.

2) Timelessness outshines trends.

3) Trust is found within straightforward simplicity. No gimmicks.

When analyzing these ideas, 3 words stood out with the ability to push a visual direction and establish strong perimeters: quality, timelessness, simplicity.

The mark fully embraces the 3 tenants of the Homecrafters voice: quality, timelessness, simplicity. The HC monogram was created using a mono-weight approach to illicit the feeling of sturdiness and rigidity; something I and, I am sure, you wish from your floors. The “H” is encapsulated within a rectangle; extending its crossbar to connect with the border which allowed the formation of a “C” in the negative space.

The two rectangular color blocks (hatched lines in the single color option) were placed in the top and bottom counters of the “H” to increase legibility of the negative “C” letterform. The logo type is set in Klavika Bold Condensed which pushes the desired feeling of sturdiness through its mono-weight strokes (directly relating to the stroke weight found in the mark).

The Homecrafters color scheme was established with one very important point in mind: Steve loves kelly green. With that stipulation in place the handsome, 3 piece palette came together.

With a happily geometric and symmetrical mark, I saw an opportunity to push visual interest by creating a simple, repeatable pattern. It is intended to be used as an underlay for the logotype and an overlay for imagery. It is always used in a monotone color pallette and works beautifuly on all brand colors.

Many thanks,

Felix F. Oliha


Steady grinding as a Graphic + Motion designer at Wier/Stewart.

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** This particular project was done on a freelance basis. The thoughts written above do not reflect the opinons or creative processes of Wier/Stewart.