Living With Hallux Limitus/Rigidus in Your 20s and 30s
Jon Guerrera

Thanks for writing a useful article. I’ve had pain for almost 2 years in my big toes but been misdiagnosed as having tight calves and Extensor tendonitis. As recently as May this year I was a decent runner — winning races, hitting personal bests and even getting picked for my country. But things fell apart really quickly and just this week I have been diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus. I’ve been buying all sorts of contraptions and supplements in order to keep running. I have some Nike Zoom Vapoufly running shoes. Very expensive but they are a bit like a rocker shoe and have a stiff sole and plenty of toe room. I am using a toe spacer in the daytime and while I run. It’s something made for Bunions but it seems to help. I am seeing an expert sports podiatrist tomorrow and will seek some decent insoles and maybe some injections to keep me running. Very unhappy about all of this.

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