4 days of Awesomeness

In end of Semester 4, we got this mail forwarded to class Group.

a brochure of TCS Enginx16 program, initially we didn't care much about it. This same was seen to us as sponsored post, every time we opened FB.

The program was an opportunity to build IOT connected system in 4 weeks if selected.WE CAN EVEN ASK FOR REIMBURSEMENT UPTO 50k. Major highlight for us was the First prize- Iphone 6s for all members of team.

Sagara who felt it to give it a try, added us in to the team. It was a 5 round competition. With applicants of over 40,000 registrations from 700+ Institutes across India. (Source-TCS Site).

After S4 exam we were all just enjoying those 10 days of sem break in our homes. Out of a sudden we heard that first round is day next and all of us decided to sit together and do that round.

There were 4 of us.(Too many 4’s already :p). Sagara Sasikumar, Rohit Sunil, Irshad PI and Me(obviously).We called ourselves Team WOWMAKERS. We came on that ‘HOLIDAY’ to college, and did that round.


After that we got qualified for Round 3

Which was where we needed to submit use case proposal.

We hadn't even choose any idea till then. Following days were brainstorm sessions where we had conference calls among us in the middle of night(Note- We didn't had other time to brainstorm ;) ) Then on one fine ‘Midnight’, Idea of smart water management came to Rohit’s mind.

Everyone loved the idea and how it was going to change millions of people in India. The implementation? Way tough.

//WAIT. I WILL TELL WHAT SWMS is before i continue.

Smart water management system(or SWMS) is a system where we predict future water usages of users and supply only necessary to them. It can save millions of rupees wasted due to water leakages from government if implemented.(Just heard Kerala loses 250 crores of rupees per year due to water leakage;Source-Manorama)

We submitted a neat use case proposal and got shortlisted to top 25 :)


Next was idea presentation round where we needed to shot a 25 minute video!!.//by now we have started our S5 classes ;)

This was the round we had less faith in. we had no prior experience of shooting videos what so ever. We even accidentally submitted wrong video link which we only notified them 2 days after deadline.

Making video was tough, we had to redo on presentations more than dozen times, footage needed to be well furbished. In all, was a great learning experience for all of us.

Another great blunder from my part was throughout the video ;the audio and video were out of sync.

See for your self-


And Yippee! we cleared that round(Still don’t know how).

Next round was more crucial. within a period of 4 weeks we had to build a prototype. where we had to stop doing all talking and start building something. We greatly thank our college and department(Shout out to CSE!) for giving us space to work on(It really helped). Also we had to make a 2 minute product video(This time doing it right-


We cleared all rounds and reached end of game where we needed to come over to TCS Headquarters in Bangalore. Travelling in Airplane for first time and that too for free, was always what we wanted. We packed our bags and boarded plane from KOCHI to BNG.

Like this post ;p

We stayed at one of the best 3 star hotels in Whitefield, Bangalore.We went straight to HQ and had lunch from there(All Sponsored by TCS). Arranged our stall till 11pm. We were given a mentor by TCS, Preethi Choudary who guided us how the D-Day was going to be(Very much Thanks). We went straight to bed after that busy day.

Travelling wasn't difficult as they arranged Innovas for 5 teams.

The Next day was what we all been waiting for; D-Day!. We delivered an impressive pitch in front of professional heads of TCS. Engineering students Christ college of Bangalore came to see our product and all 4 were explaining what it was till everyone was satisfied. Everyone loved our product.We even thought we were going to win first prize.

This is us :)


To be frank they really deserved it. Great product and great way in which they showcased it.They have put 100 times more effort than us. Winners-


In all the program was a great slingshot to all 4 of us. Its not an everyday experience where you stay out of your precious comfort zones.

Although we didn't won any iPhone, we got Offer letters from TCS EIS( Engineering and Industrial Services Unit.) team also selected for DigitalImpactSquare16 in Nazik

(Both needs to wait till we reach our final years)

We mention our sincere gratitude to TCS team for making that 4 days best days of our lives.

Mentions-Rohit, Sourab, Preeti,Thomas Easo and team, other teams

Top 5 Finalists

you guys rock!

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