My First Media Hackathon

Felix Josemon
Nov 28, 2016 · 4 min read

It was a great moment when you get shortlisted to first media hackathon conducted by Manorama Online.

In this Adventure, There were 3 of us. Sagara Sasikumar, Irshad PI and me(Obviously).

Nearly Two weeks before, the moment I saw the sponsored ad post of Techspectations the First Media Hackathon conducted by Manorama Online in Fb.

This was the nearly same time I heard about Fb messenger bots from Sijo and Psbots.

Later that evening we got a mail saying we were shortlisted from 300+ applicants.

Following two days I took leave from class and explored what Messenger bots was all about. It took 6 hours to configure a simple bot and made it to work. All this bot did was it mimics what we say to it.

Thanks to this tutorial which helped me get started.

I explored how bots was going to be next big thing from various articles I found online.

Manorama Online provided us Developer API(Which means we can get articles from and use it in what we were building, here in Fb Messenger bot!.)

Foolish Mistakes

After late night sleep I woke up to aboard the train to Kochi in the Early morning of 12th November.

Incident happened- Event was from 8am to 5:30 pm . It was already 8:45am when we reached Kochi. We were focussed on reaching Crown Plaza(9:15) only to hear that event is at Hotel Avenue!! Which is 25 minutes away!! Thanks to Uber we reached venue in time(ahem 2 hours late).

Another entry to my book of mistakes :P

Lesson- Always check where you are going :P !!

There were 28 other teams.We settled down and occupied our seats. What’s an Hackathon without any swags.

Love those Ts

Team posing for selfie. (PS: This post later won Best social award)

Everyone was good with Django(Python framework) so we decided to do our Messenger in it. We made tons of mistakes and finally made it right. Here is the first demo-

Working demo which we presented-

We were proud that we did this in nearly 7 hours !

Where we lost

With great amount of optimism, we decided to present first(+was already late,we had to leave earlier to reach our homes)

Sagara stunning audience with MoBot on her 3 minute presentation

Just after the presentation we had to leave. But I was able to get a glance of next presentation which caught my eyes.

Remember those interactive newspaper from Harry potter movie(see above).

yup that one.

One team demonstrated exactly the same with the help of Augmented Reality.

Here is their video-

This reminded me of how far people in Kerala especially college students are well acquainted with new technologies(Kids these days). Till this day what I thought was one can only find AR, VR, ML(Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and other stuffs) only in Silicon Valley and other established places.

Here is glance of other team-

Snapshot of Heynews. Viral analysis Text editor. Neural Network. These things power up the Prisma app!!!

Our messenger didn't had any complication or other stuffs involved. Teams who bagged the prizes had done a tremendous amount of work integrating Artificial Intelligence and all.

In all it was a great learning experience for 3 of us. Here is article which featured us.

Later I was invited to Techspectations Digital Summit happened on 19 Nov.

Great speakers, Great Audience, huge amount of takeaways. you can find summary on

We thank Manoramaonline team for giving us an oppurtunity to present our idea. :)

I know this blog isn't up to the mark. I will edit this, when I am free.

For time being read this-The Trouble of Success

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