Searching for Pinterest Shuffles Invite codes? How to get Invite? Answered

Felix Josemon
3 min readSep 5, 2022


Are you looking for Pinterest Shuffles Invite codes? Pay-It Forward Shuffle Community could help you!

Shuffles App by Pinterest is the new Invite-Only for creating photos. You have to be invited to use the app. Credits: Shuffles App by Pinterest Logo

If you are looking for Pinterest Shuffle invite codes, your search ends here. Read on:)

How to get on Pinterest Shuffle Invite Code Pay It Forward Train:

Pinterest’s Shuffle is this all new Invite-Only platform where users could make and post collages using photos, image cutouts and other animated effect. It’s super fun I heard and could be next TikTok/Instagram!

As the app is invite only, you have to be invited by someone who’s already on the app. It’s not that easy though to find someone like that.

Some users are scamming people for invite and blocking innocent people or for gaining followers if you look everywhere.

There are tons of people still looking for Pinterest Shuffle Invite codes and It’s necessary to build a trust based system to make this work seamlessly. No one was doing it, It was clearly evident someone should do it, Hence I did it.

That’s me:) — Felix Josemon

I decided to build a trust based Pay-It Forward Invite codes trains. I had built similar in the past for Hey, Dispo, Foundation and Clubhouse Invite App & onboarded 1000s.

How does Pinterest Shuffle Invite work?

When you get an invite code, you share it with others in the train. This way everyone ends up getting invites and invites won’t run out. It’s simple, right. There are a no scope for bad players, everyone likes to give back:)

A Positive Shuffles Invite code community on the Internet.

How to get Shuffles Invite?

Once you are in the app, you’d be receiving 3 invites. Once you use this code to enter the app, you can access the Shuffles app.

How to be added to this community?

Just buy me a few cups of coffee (link below), I’ll maintain a google sheet, Discord community and keep track of where our invites are being spread across. I will keep sharing updates on my BMC page & Twitter. We also have a discord community where we could chat around, share collage/moodboard arts and make new friends online.

Sounds good?

How to get on Shuffles Invite Train:

Why buy me coffee at all?

Coffee keeps me awake at night and build this community (It takes time and consistent effort), Hit me up with lots of caffeine! I’m gonna need them:) A portion of all proceeds go to Organisations enabling learning of 21st Century Skills (which I believe is the need of hour)


Update: This took off unlike my wildest imaginations! Over 10+ joined this train and more each day..

(Read Instructions to join)



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