“the Pursuit to Live”

Born on a pursuit to find happiness.
A birth means the earth is set to change.
For good or bad the child is welcomed and praised.

The child is set to be seen as a gift or a curse.
It is all dependent on their parent’s self growth.

You will have to push yourself to your limits.
Become a better than your parents.
I welcome you to all of this.
Where it is your Pursuit to Live.

-Felix LED

The Importance to Our Significance

Our significance in this world and ourselves becomes important the moment we can answer the question of “why.”

With our birth comes happiness at its fullness from those around us. Whether they are family or not, a child’s birth is seen as a blessing. At that very moment everyone becomes impacted by this birth. This child will grow to either make a negative or positive impact in it’s community.

Ultimately, its our societies self growth and mentorship that will lead our youth into the right direction. I am implying that it is up to us to help raise and school our youth into being a positive impact to our world.

From my experience I learned that one must search for and discover our personal significance. It is up to the individual to push themselves to become the very best possible individual. We should strive to be better than our parents and to become more successful than them.

It should be our goal to challenge ourselves and pursue to discover our “why” in life. It is vital that we work to get our Freedom and Pursuit to Live.