We could be the last generation to have children the old fashioned way, if at all
Alyse Sue

Just right now, in this most recent miniscule fragment of time that our Earth has been hosting living cells, the prophets of our future have deemed that the biological processes that have allowed humans to become Earth’s apex creatures and to flourish for the past thousands of years up to this point (aka the old-fashioned way) are now no longer necessary.

Instead of using our limited time here wisely, the prophets decide it is better for us to prolong our procrastination until the end of the universe. But what can motivate someone to need to live over 1000 years? Are they just so slow at decision making? Are they like children where watching and re-watching the same simple thing over and over will bring them endless pleasure?

The prophets want to eliminate the function of sexual reproduction from society, thereby creating a world where everyone is asexual.
The prophets want to eliminate the ability for humans to distinguish between phenotypes, ensuring people with differing features can not be seen as superior/inferior, ending discrimination once and for all.
The prophets want artificial organs, cells, eggs, preserving those that nature has already rejected or deemed inferior/defective.

Meanwhile, the healthy human tries to achieve some fulfilment from their life through sexual reproduction (i.e love). Both via the act, which creates an intense pair-bonding amongst the participants, and via the result, from the joys of raising a family. The healthy human tries to constantly better themself, to work towards becoming superior in some aspect of their lives which distinguishes them from their peers. The healthy human doesn’t fear death after a full life well-lived.

Religious charlatans have always been around, changing around the terminology depending on the context. Sometimes they even present themselves the same way (Aubrey de Grey = Grigori Rasputin). It’s telling that the utopia these prophets sell only serve to elevate genetic losers like themselves from the bottom of their current social standing as bizarre freaks. Those with lousy genetics will prefer to flock to the message of these procrastinating tech-heavy transhumanist prophets while those with better genetics might rather listen to a prophet who sells the ability to relive the glory days of their fulfilling lives via time-travel or reincarnation.