Pre-Launch: Can MBAs Reach Trump on Climate’s Urgency?

Climate business conference in Paris before COP21

Strategic Background for Our Call to Action

  • Big Companies: Can December be an all-hands-on-deck moment when Fortune 500 companies and leading corporate figures who recognize the full scope of the climate challenge move beyond sustainability goals to organize a giant business effort to head off government abandonment of climate policies? Could the 365 (including 68 with revenues over $100 million/year) that just signed the Business Backs Low-Carbon USA letter from the climate talks in Morocco urging continuing support of the Paris Climate Agreements go much further?
  • The Armed Forces: 15 months ago the Department of Defense released Security Implications of Climate Change. Reports like these on how climate change factors into their future scenarios, strategic planning and operations didn’t make waves. A directive from the White House to produce a comprehensive statement aimed at the general public emphasizing that DOT sees climate change as world’s the greatest threat might reach more people on the legislative and executive sides.

We Seek Co-Signers for a Call to Action/Announcement

B-Schools can lead in answering the Q: “What will our country do on climate change in 2017?”

  • the urgency and impact of climate change;
  • the economic and employment upsides of renewable technologies;
  • strategies for pricing carbon and allocating revenues;
  • how fast we can move to 100% renewables;
  • the U.S.role and leadership in global climate agreements;
  • the impact of the fossil fuel industry on public awareness and politics.



Ex-entrepreneur & writer. Full-time volunteer on climate change awareness and solutions. We can actually restore our climate!

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