Dare To Dream Bigger

In the book, As A Man Thinketh, James Allen wrote… “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become”.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

One of my mentors, Brian Tracy, always says — “what one thing would you dare to dream, if you KNEW you could not fail” — answer that for yourself.

If you want to live your potential, dare to dream BIGGER. Forget the sky — the sky is not the limit, upgrade your thinking and open up your mind to the possibilities.

Dreaming is a BIG part of being a kid. When we were kids, or if you have kids, you can see it in them too — the imagination, the seemingly unrealistic dreams, the stretched visions and goals.

Just ask a kid what they want for Christmas, or for their birthday, or what they want to be when they grow up…

We had this ability to make up the world around us, to dream BIG and to not set limits in our imagination and on what’s possible.

Unfortunately as we grow up, many of us give up that ability and we give up on our dreams. And even worst, we forget to keep dreaming — to believe in ourselves and in our dreams — and to chase those dreams.

If you thinking about it — everything begins in your thinking. Thoughts are things. Everything in the physical world around you began with someone having a thought, and idea, and a dream about what they wanted to see in the physical world.

So you have that within you — Like Mr. Les Brown says “You have greatness within you”… What does that mean? You have BIG dreams and ideas and the ability to achieve your dreams, if you’d make up your mind, make the decision to keep dreaming, no matter how ridiculous or unattainable those dreams might seem.

When talking about having SMART goals — (Specific, Measurable, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and timely). … Yes, you want to have attainable and realistic goals, and those goals should be tied to a purpose.

But when it comes to DREAMING BIG. Forget about attainable or realistic for a moment…

Don’t dismiss the idea of having something BIG or achieving a certain purpose or realizing a vision because of how un-attainable it might seem.

You were born to be a dreamer, to live an extraordinary life filled with joy and happiness.

When you allow yourself to dream big, when you live your life without limits in your mindset, and when you FEED your dreams, it sets in motion the thoughts, the people, and the right circumstances for you to keep moving forward towards those dreams.

And and guess what… little by little, and sometimes in BIG ways, and in ways you never could’ve imagined, sure enough… you realize your dreams.

Stretch Your Vision

See what can be, not what is.

Instead of a caterpillar, you see a butterfly… Instead of an empty land lot, you see a beautiful home.

Stretch your vision, and put it on paper.

Write down at least 20 BIG goals that you want to achieve or that you would like to see realized… whatever they are: change you would like to see in the world, things you want to acquire, places you want to visit, people you want to meet…things you want to accomplish, whatever it is.

Then, find an image representation of your biggest dreams. Create a vision board, with pictures that represent your dreams. It could be a poster board, a scrapbook, a set of pictures on your computer -wherever it is. Just something you can keep going back to that reminds you of your dreams.

Become a Positive Language User

Use big, positive, cheerful language, in your everyday life, because it contributes to your attitude, your thinking, and it builds belief, and when you build belief, you believe more in your dreams.

When someone says, how do you feel today? Don’t just say I’m OK…. Say, I feel amazing, I feel incredible, I feel successful!

Be a good news broadcaster — If people want to hear bad news, let them get it from the news on TV. There’s plenty bad news there to consume every day and no need for you to spread it.

Eliminate the word impossible from your thinking.

In the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” it says, Impossible is a failure word. It sets off a chain reaction of other thoughts to prove you’re right.

So get rid of that word, think of the possibilities and let your dreams fly above the small things.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t let insignificant things block your ability to dream and your belief in your dreams.

Feed Your Dream

Remind yourself that you are better than you think you are. Because you ARE.

Build belief by constantly working on yourself.

When you work on yourself and strive to get better — you’re feeding your dreams, you believe more and more in your ability to reach your dreams, to cross things off your dream list and your vision board, and you build confidence.

As you get better, you accomplish more. When you accomplish more, you gain confidence, when you get confidence, you KNOW that you cant fail in the pursuit of your dreams. You become receptive to ideas…. So instead of saying, oh, that wont work, or that cant be done, or that useless, it’s stupid…. You become a possibility thinker.

Another way to feed your dreams is to become a doer — an ACTIVATIONist.

You activate and set things in motion every day, you set your intentions, you live on purpose, you run the day, you don’t let the day run you…. You don’t wait until conditions are perfect.

Looking for perfect conditions leads to procrastination….so keep feeding your dreams by staying in ACTION mode. And accept opportunities to do MORE. Add value to people. Don’t look for inspiration — BE the inspiration.

And then lastly, to keep feeding your dream, change your environment, surround yourself with people and experiences that are stimulating, that are rewarding and worthwhile.

Your environment means everything around you, including what you watch, the things you see in front of you — the things you hear and listen to.

We can never be totally shielded from it. But you can inoculate yourself and be conscious of any negativity that tries to comes into your environment, and know how to deal with it by having that awareness that your purpose and your dreams are bigger than anything that tries derail your day…

So Dare to dream big, stretch your vision, become a positive language user and a possibility thinker, and feed your dreams. Live a life without limits.

Want to keep feeding your mindset?

Originally published at felixmack.net on March 5, 2019.