10 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Increase Productivity

Complications may not be a good thing to have in life. It can take away all the joy, freedom and most importantly, balance from our lives.

In the long run, this may act as a hindrance to increased productivity. So, it is important to declutter the unwanted from your life to achieve a better success and remain happy and healthy. So how do you do it? Let’s take a look.

1. Own Less

Most of us have more material possessions than we need. This can complicate your lives. Material possessions can empty our wallet and most importantly drain our attention and energy. Drained energy and unnecessary complications can adversely impact your productivity as well. So, what option do you have? Declutter.

Invest your energy and time in eliminating possessions which will not do any good for you in the future. This can make sure that you do not have anything materialistic acting as a hindrance to your success rate. Every object in your life needs to have a reason to be there.

2. Avoid Artificial Ingredients In Your Diet

According to the renowned Harvard business review, what you eat can impact your productivity. A study suggested that People who consumed vegetables and fruits were more active than people who consumed foods rich in fats and calories. It is said that processed foods can also curb creativity. All these factors can negatively impact our productivity.

Foods containing trans fat, refined high fructose syrup, and excess sodium should be avoided. If you reduce junk food, it increases your energy levels and in the long term, you will achieve better fitness.

3. Time Commitments

We divide the hours in a day for different purposes. It could be your daily work at the office, running errands at the house and even a community program. But how do you prioritize? If everything ends up being your priority, then, in reality, nothing is.

Try to discard commitments which are not of any value to you. Because if you are not able to prioritize what you want to do, things that doesn’t offer much value might consume your precious time and energy, This could affect your productivity. So, prioritize your commitments and commit only to the things that you want to.

4. Negative Thoughts

Most of us know that negative emotions and thoughts do not yield anything positive. Negative thoughts and emotions can result in low confidence and self-esteem which are the two most important factors to be successful in any field. Then why should we hold on to them?

Hate, bitterness, jealousy and resentment can never improve any factor in your life. Nobody has achieved anything by holding grudges against someone. Learn to forgive and forget. So discard negativity from the past and embrace positivity for a better future.

5. Your Words

Always speak honestly and keep your speech plain. Adhere to the things that you have said and avoid gossip and mean comments. If you are away from the gossip and unwanted conversations, you are away from distractions and your focus will be on point as well. Increased focus results in increased productivity.

6. Your Screen Time

Being addicted to electronic media like video games, movies, smart phones and television can negatively impact your productivity in more than one way. Media, in general, have the capability to influence the way your mind have prioritized public values. Its domination will start to become evident in your decisions and your life. It has an enormous impact on your overall outlook as well.

When caught inside the virtual world, we fail to notice its influence especially in our day to day activities. All these media can act as distractions at your work as well. So, decrease your daily screen time, zero in on the programs you love or the ones that add value to your life.

7. Your Debt

If your debt and liabilities are holding you captive from being productive, then it’s time to step up and reduce it. Start today itself and reach out to all the help you need. It is better to be less lavish today and embrace freedom in the future.

8. Connections To The World

Building relationships are necessary. Your relationship with others anchors your work life and social life. But these relationships should never convert into distractions. You may feel needed or important when someone approaches you. But you should know that feeling important and achieving importance are entirely two different things.

9. Your Goals

Take time and list the goals which you are striving for. Never have more than two goals in mind at a time. You will have a better success rate at work or elsewhere if you are focusing on one goal at a time. Think and decide on your goals and put the most important two things to pen and paper. Once you achieve one, it’s time to add the next.

10. Multi-Tasking

Researchers are of the opinion that multitasking might be not as good a thing as thought before. Here, your attention and focus get divided, and your stress levels increase. All these factors can curb productivity. Even though concentrating on one thing at once has become a lost art, it is crucial that we learn to handle a task at once and perform it well.

It is often said that around 80% of all your positive results might have come from just 20% of your efforts. So, declutter your thoughts and channel your focus on to the 20% that counts. This guarantees that your success rate is accompanied by a higher efficiency rate. If your body and mind are happy and healthy, it can always help in simplifying your life. So make sure that you eat healthily and exercise regularly.