It’s logically scientific that an ocean or better yet a lake is filled with various marine creatures. Some of them have initiated a way to coexist with each other while others cannot stand the sight of each other. This had really got me thinking of how they put such phenomenal in play. Will Mr. Shark be like ‘Hello bro’ and without hesitation, Mr. Tilapia will embrace the greetings with a fist bump? Or maybe, just maybe — Mr. Shark will shred the poor soul to pieces (Yet to find out). Just to be clear, I am a human being not a mermaid so don’t get those ideas. Anyway, in life you meet different people who change it positively, bad news is that there are those sadist who crash the little hope you were clinging on. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t brought to this life to have the good and bad taste that accompanies it

PS: Sauti Sol’s ‘Nerea’ is singing in the background.(Kenyan song about the gift that comes with having a baby)

My drama premiered when my mum introduced me to this bitter sweet thing called life. In fact it started way before all thanks to my twin sister. That girl harassed me way before I saw the face of my beautiful mum — She still does. She was given the name ‘Apiyo’ which means the one who came first. I hated mysel at some point in life because I was still in repudiation, I couldn’t believe that she even beat me in the birth race. How could you Apiyo? How could you? It may sound like a ruse when I say that I made a promise to myself not to ever be beaten by a girl from that day henceforth. I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me because I can’t even buy that crap. I was a few minutes old when I made that childish vow (Guess you saw what I did there…ah!). Back to the vow making, Well things didn’t turn out quite smooth like I had earlier hoped for. I swear the girls always gave me a thrashing in every aspect of life from the day I started talking/walking.

I came into this world and within a split second, I was inducted in a house full of girls. My twin sister and I jumped into the family train way after the engine had kick started. Two girls who by then six and four years old had already boarded it. They were just those beautiful small mortals that you wanted to play with. Seems like I was born with that gift of knowing the beautiful and the so called ‘not beautiful’. Coming to think of it, I am certain this typical trait was inherited .After all, my mum is quite beautiful.

It has never hit me that my parents at some point had to think of how stiff it will be to cope with two small cute babies. Yes, I was cute back then Nyarinda Maureen so enough with the mockery, and just to add a cherry on top, I was a mini-light skin too; on your face….hehehe! By stiff, I meant every thinkable angle ranging from Food to napkins (1999 born slay queens, FYI napkins were our pampers back then) Damn! Those things really burnt my black tiny ass. Our parents should have at least tried to baby talk us on the painful magnitudes of pooing or peeing on those things. Nevertheless, my parents managed and raised us till we were old enough to start throwing those stupid insults like ‘nyanya ii’ at each other and after 4 years’ time, nursery school came calling. That’s when I really started to get the whole concept of life in blue and black. *****to be continued ******

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