A must watch documentary for thinkers — “The Corporation”

The so called our employers are killing us but we are quiet. We are silence about it because we suck incentives from them like lollipops. In their product adverts, they sound to taste finger-licking, we can’t just do without them sometimes. They pretend to be nice in the sunlight but under the moonlight they are just so engrossed into their own self-interest. No democracy, no voice for ourselves because they almost own us privately.

If you become the white quarreling bird and antagonize their dark and deep deeds, you won’t survive. You are eliminated. Just like they did to Ken Saro Wiwa of Nigeria for going against their guts. I am talking about the The Corporations. This documentary is on point, no exaggeration and no illusions. The only illusion is about how these corporations pretend to be good and moral individual’s preachers and environmental vocals.

They have disenfranchised human capital and converted them into working machine. We don’t have room to breathe anymore. They have formulated laws to pay us minimal wages and again tax us. Then we hallow shower of blessings when we receive internships and work offers. They have designed the school curriculum to limit our thoughts.

They train us to be robots yet they are deploying new scientific artificial intelligence machine learning robots. So we are the breathing robots. The major corporation is here to stay and to destroy yet we can’t sue it because they have manipulated the legal systems. These goes against my nerves; it is stressful to be born in this system. If you have watched Hidden figures, then you know what I am taking about.

As the title names it “The Corporation”, the documentary has revealed the key personality of this individual seen as a private entity. It has proven to be callous, never possess any empathy. It has proven to be deceitful and makes millions of money through loop of lies. The Corporation have been so reckless and has disregarded the safety of others. It has no capacity to think or even experience guilt. The Corporation have failed to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors.