The Internet Of Money

For the recent past I have been digging into the mines of internet; and to my farcical thoughts, I’m convinced that internet is a mainstream of money-making playground for the millennials — and guys we have to grab this opportunity.From trading stocks and new crypto-bubbles in the game — Bitcoin to active engagement in click-banks, could help you generate huge lump some cash just by a click of a mouse.But to some extent, especially in the life of formalities and formal education enthusiasts, these unbelievable myriads might occur to them as a golden fantasy.

Well, because the society has embodied their beliefs which expects everyone to follow the suite of formality — by go to school, get a degree,get a white-color job, then marry, have kids then it becomes an endless loop of plagiarism. Look,stop wasting so much time of social media but rather take time to harness your energy into learning the emerging investment portfolios — trading crytocurrencies, clouding mining ,trading stocks and binary options just to mention but a few.The number one rule that each of us should live-by in our thoughts and actions is — self-meaningful development and independence.Listen — you are never free until you have a confirmed inflow of cash without working under a boss or a manager.Look go out there and just it.

For the complacent people out there; I want to reiterate that the advent of internet and cytocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is an era of gold rush.So let’s go out there and cut own piece of the pie and watch the magic happen.At this age of intense innovations in the financial freedom bull-rush, computer scientist and engineers are toiling to disrupt the single of the banking system through blockchain technology which do not require a third party — intermediaries when it comes transactions.Why do i need to trust you? or even pay a third party in order to do a transaction with you. It is imperative to note that such regulations and norms will be brushed off so soon through universal adoption of bitcoin and other crytocurrencies.

Now to those who are yearning to make some cash from the internet, this an opportunity for you and this article will help you make your first $100 in 2 weeks without showing up into an office.No technical skills required, certification is required.All you need is your smartphone or a computer and internet access.Just to point out — this is a not a get-rich scheme, you have a be patient to make a dime. And it works perfectly when you’re based in Kenya or when you an Mpesa user or bitcoin user.

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Other money-making sites include:

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  2. slicethepie
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