How To Deal With Change In A Productive Way

What to do when you feel stress and fear about changes in your life.

Felix Cabrera
Jan 13 · 5 min read
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Change is inevitable …

Do you feel overwhelmed by changes in your life?

Perhaps, sometimes scared because you don’t know what and how you will deal with the unknown.

No worries, I have felt that way as well.

Through the years, I have learned ways to deal with the feelings of overwhelm in a productive way.

Thus, I wanted to share them with you.

Be Aware Of The Feelings

The first thing I have learned when encountering change is to be aware of that I am feeling stressed as a result of the change.

After I am aware of the feeling, I ask myself, why? Thus, I start thinking of different reasons that may cause this feeling.

The deeper I go into the process of thinking why I feel the stress and fear, I can reach find the root cause of these feelings.

What I have learned through the repetition of this process is that many times the fear is caused because of a change in my life. Not always, but a lot of the times it is.

So, the first step is to become aware of the feelings.

Here are somethings I have done to become aware of the feeling of fear:

  • Journal events throughout your day.
  • Identify the events that cause the fear in your life.
  • Write them down as a list.
  • Think of ways you can productively take action despite the fear and stress.

By journaling about the events throughout your day may lead you to see different things that have impacted you that you may have overlooked.

Then, identify these events and ask yourself why do these events or situations make you feel fearful.

Maybe there are changes at your workplace that impact your paycheck. Thus, you feel fearful that these changes may prevent you from providing for your family.

Which leads you to worry and think about all the worst possible scenarios that could happen. However, that is not the most productive way to deal with the situation.

You can acknowledge that you are feeling fearful and think of productive ways you can deal with this change in the workplace. For instance, you may start a side hustle or get a second part-time job.

Now, by writing them down in a list format, you can pinpoint these events and start thinking of solutions towards these situations.

You can remove the emotions and feelings, and by seeing these events written on a piece of paper, you may think clearly about how you are going to act.

Now that you are aware of why you are feeling fearful, then you can proceed to the next step.

Accept and Embrace The Change

Another great lesson I have learned on how to deal with change in a productive way is to accept and embrace the change.

During the times I have not accepted changes in my life, I have struggled more compared to the times that I did.

I noticed that when I didn’t accept the changes in my life, I started to resist them, and it became harder for me. I began to think ways of staying in the same situation and prevent the change from happening, if I could, of course.

Thus, I felt even more stressed when I denied that change was happening in my life. So, I learned to acknowledge that things were changing in my life.

After some self-reflection, I understood that I was resisting the change because I was feeling comfortable before the change.

However, after I accepted that change is inevitable in life, I started to embrace it. I started to see the positive side of change, and I came up with ways I could thrive. The shift in perspective helped me a lot. It became way easier.

Also, by positively talking to yourself, you can look at the change as an opportunity to grow as a person.

You can see this event in your life as a chance to showcase and develop the positive character traits you have within yourself. Examples may include courage, self-discipline, or even creativity.

Talk To Yourself In A Positive Way

After accepting the change in your life, another thing you can do is talk to yourself in a positive way.

I have noticed that when I talk to myself in a positive way when dealing with change, I gather the courage and strength to carry on.

Here are some things I did, you can do too:

  • List three things that are positive as a result of the change.
  • Think of past changes in your life you have gone through successfully.
  • Write down the obstacles you have overcome in the past.

By listing three positive things, thanks to the change, you may move towards a more productive mindset when dealing with changes in your life, instead of thinking all the things that could go wrong. Try to find the positive.

Now, by acknowledging the past changes and the obstacles you have overcome, may help you to realize that you are stronger thank you think.

Give yourself a pep talk if you need it, it may help you.


When dealing with change in a productive way, the first step is to become aware that you are feeling fearful. Acknowledging the fear may help you move to a more empowering place in your life.

Once you are aware, you can start thinking of productive ways you can deal with the upcoming change in your life.

Embrace the change. The process will become easier if you accept the change and don’t resist it.

Disclaimer: I am not mental health, or counseling professional. These tips and advice are based on my experience and opinion as a student, tutor, teacher, and software developer. Everyone is different, so the advice shared in this article may or may not work for you.

Felix Cabrera

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A.k.a. Felix The Dev. Software Developer. Writer, programming teacher, tutor, and coach.

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