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I can’t take this anymore…

It’s what many teachers might think after feeling burned out.

Teaching students, meeting with parents, preparing lessons, and grading assignments may take a toll on you.

Are you a teacher and feel this way?

I can relate.

Don’t get me wrong, being a teacher is a great profession, we help students and make a positive impact in their lives. Which is something that no amount of money can compensate for.

Teachers have the power to make a positive impact on society by educating and inspiring future generations. …

3 Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself Out Of A Rut

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I’ll start getting more clients tomorrow…

This is the phrase I have told myself various times when getting new clients as a tutor.

I seem to push it off and never get to it.

Nonetheless, this is not the only part of my life I put things off. I also do it when starting a diet, writing more articles, etc.

Then as I keep doing it, I start feeling stuck in life. I feel that my life never progresses and I don’t see the change I want to.

I tend to feel unmotivated and unsatisfied with my life in some…

5 Tips You Can Use To Teach Online

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Thanks to the current pandemic, I have had to find innovative ways to plan lessons as a high school English teacher. Through the process of preparing lessons, I have had to change my approach to serve my students the best way possible.

As a result, I have learned ways to prepare engaging and effective lessons in an online environment.

Teachers, this article is for you

So, I am going to share my insights in hopes that it can help other teachers and instructors as well.

Understand That Online Learning Is Different Than In-Person Learning

Understanding the differences between online learning and in-person learning might be obvious, but it might…

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Without a doubt, the recent pandemic has changed how we educate students.

Think about it, not too long ago, in 2019, we sent kids to school and they came back. Fast forward to now, in a lot of places, we don’t even send kids to school, they stay at home, connect to Zoom classes, and do their homework at home.

How crazy is that?

These changes in education happened really fast, as a result, disrupting the routine and structure we had in place with our education system. Which has left a lot of parents feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or even frustrated.

Working and teaching as a team

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As a teacher and an academic tutor, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous students. I have the opportunity to teach students from the 9th to 12th grade.

At first, I thought that for the student to learn concepts and ideas, the student would only need the teacher, the physical resources (such as a classroom, books, and other educational tools) and the willingness to learn.

That is, I saw the teaching process in a very simple manner.

However, through the years, I noticed that I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture. There were missing components in the way I…

Combining empathy and technology

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As a teacher, I have had the opportunity to work with students in the high school level, that is, 9th to 12th grade. During this time I have tried different teaching strategies and seen what has worked for me. Also, what hasn’t worked.

For example, I was teaching an English course and I had this student in my class that was couldn’t sit still for long periods. He was a very active student, who liked to learn the concepts by standing up, going to the board and explain them to the class. …

How to make your tutoring and teaching sessions more productive

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During the current pandemic situation, a lot of students from all over the world have had to study at home. Furthermore, numerous students have had to result to online tutoring to get the help they need to fulfill their academic needs.

I have been a tutor for over 3 years now and I have experience working with students online and in person. I am also a teacher and have prepared plans to help students reach their academic goals. Through the years I have noticed that there are certain things students can do to make their online sessions more productive.


Protect your time, not all thoughts are created equal, and being uncomfortable is good.

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Are you having trouble achieving your goals?

Do you feel that you have done a lot of things during the day, but feel that you haven’t moved closer towards the life you desire?

No worries, I understand how you may feel. I believe that as humans, we may struggle from time to time.

However, through the years, I have learned that to make progress in life, it all starts with how you think and where do you invest your energy.

Also, I have experienced different mindset changes that have helped me make progress in my life.

Thus, I wanted to…

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Identify, accept, and use triggers as teachers.

Are you feeling sad, angry, or even fearful?

Is this emotion (or emotions) a result of something that someone said or did?

Or maybe it’s a certain situation that is making you feel this way.

No worries, I’ve been there too. These are called emotional triggers. I believe that emotional triggers are part of being human.

Through the years, I have learned to accept these triggers, to recognize them instead of suppressing the emotions behind them.

In my experience, suppressing the emotions behind the triggers is a very unproductive way to deal with them. …

Making progress and maintaining it for the long term

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The month of January is here …

A new year, a new beginning. Every time the month of January comes around, I tend to feel motivated to work on myself and start a new year with a fresh slate.

Thus, I start working on establishing better habits in different areas of my life, such as health and fitness.

Do you do that too?

Then, I start working hard to create positive habits and replacing the old, not so beneficial habits in my life. I start and create positive momentum by following these habits consistently.

However, through the years, I have…

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A.k.a. Felix The Dev. Teacher, writer, tutor, software developer, and coach.

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