Diving deeper into Andela

My experience in the self learning clinic so far has been continuing quite well and lots of intense pressure is building up each moment.This has been contributed by the fact that the challenges are turning out to be very demanding and they require ones full attention and energy.The challenges have continued to deepen my programming scope and so I have had to research thoroughly.

Though I have been faced with challenging tasks I have already started seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.I have started considering myself as the winner.Through the new concepts which I have had the pleasure to be exposed to, I now feel certain about my goal of becoming a world class Developer.The intense pressure experienced is a very small price to pay compared to what I am gaining.

I cannot say though, that it has been smiles all the way.I cannot remember how it felt to sleep properly on a bed as most of the time I find my self sleeping at the study desk.Most of the times is when my mum has found me half asleep in the middle of the night, felt sorry for me and finally told to give up if it is so much pressure but what she does not understand is that it is not pressure,but passion.We have have come to have an understanding with her that if she feels sorry for me,to pray a lot for me for it takes God.There is not a single thought moment that the idea of giving up that can cross my mind.Given an alternative I would choose Andela again,what I would do differently is only find a better energy drink and stimulant as coffee is not doing it for me.

I can say that for me the road ahead looks brighter and limitations exist only in our heads.We are our own biggest limitations,so in light of these,I believe with the exposure and opportunity that I have I am destined to raise my standards. I will emerge among the best software developers in the world.Every day I thank God for the wonderful opportunity and to me every day is a new opportunity presenting itself for me to actualize my dream

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