My defining experiences in bootcamp

My experience in boot camp,so far has been challenging and yet enjoyable at the same time and in equal measures.I have started with some challenges but being a self motivated person I have reassured myself that nothing good comes on a silver platter.I have composed myself and continued investing in my programming career.As of such almost all of my time is spent on a computer learning new,challenging and yet interesting concepts.

I have been quite welcoming about it and in the past two days I have spent the whole night coding.When there is a power outage I code on a piece of paper which I find very helpful.It has become so addictive to a point that I always have a notebook and pen in my pocket especially when I`m travelling,so that all the time I could be coding and using my time constructively.I try to conserve all of my spare time.I believe that we only live once and when you find something passionate and worth doing,do it to the best of your ability.Go to a point that everyone thinks you are obsessed with that thing.

Though I have had many sleepless nights and intense pressure amounting from my will to deliver all of it has been enjoyable and has been made more pleasant by my organizer and my teammates.I commend my organizer and my teammates for the assistance they offer whenever one is stuck.At most times when I have tried to grasp a concept and it has taken time to comprehend I usually feel at ease asking assistance from my organizer and my teammates as the response is sent immediately and is usually very understandable.

The collaboration in my team has been so much and so supportive that you are motivated to work more so as not to be left behind.I have had so many challenges just two days in boot camp but they have been made easier by the considerate nature of organizer.My team mates have been also very active in asking questions and It has felt good to offering them help and assistance as I have come to understand the concepts deeper.It has been so motivational that at all times I feel compelled to have an internet connection.I will not shy away from my inspirations of becoming the best even if I`m a beginner because as long as I have my will to overcome everything and with such a support system besides me,nothing can or will stop me