The main problem with your claim here, is that history shows the opposite.
Bill Anderson

  1. I didn’t say that there is anything inherently wrong with a monopoly. I’m pro-democracy, and (democratic) government is, as you said, a form of monopoly (on violence among other things)
  2. I only posited that if a large group of people exist together without laws, a small number of them will eventually take control, which means they will have a monopoly on violence and they will have formed a government.
  3. If you think free markets solve everything then you’re living in your utopia. Different systems of societal organisation (government) compete for dominance in a kind of social evolution. Over time only the fittest survive. This market is unregulated because there is no ultimate arbitrator in the struggle to /be/ the ultimate arbitrator. Nominally there is a system of international law but it is almost completely ineffectual. So the state of the world today /is/ the result of unregulated human behaviour played out on a large scale.
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