Messenger isn’t Snapchat and that’s okay.
Pratya Poosala

Hey Pratya — This is a very insightful perspective! Thanks so much for sharing. It has been more than 20 years since I was a teenager and thus some concepts are hard for us to grasp. :)

A few quick questions:

  1. You mentioned the importance of things disappearing. However, the basic media that you mentioned such as “a 10 second video of a puppy doing something cute”, or “you and your friends jamming out to music” don’t seem like that embarrassing. Does it really mean a lot to teens that they are much better off being “viewed once?”
  2. Do teens have concern that content posted are actually not ephemeral as anyone can take a snapshot of the media anytime?
  3. Given how popular Snapchat is among teens. Does your peer group use Messenger at all? Or are you using it only because you have to communicate with your dad :)
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