Here’s Why You Should Buy Goodyear Welted Shoes

Nov 18, 2017 · 2 min read
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Goodyear-welted shoes are an epitome of finesse, style and sophistication. Never can any gentleman look ugly in these carefully crafted shoes, which is reckoned to be the hallmark of supreme quality shoes.

Here are the reasons why should you own a goodyear-welted shoe this year:

Lasts for years

The technique in which these shoes are constructed boasts of skilled craftsmanship and finest of the fine leather. To build such unique shoes of art, professional supervision is necessary.

A staple of men with taste

Goodyear welted designer shoes has dragged the attention of many, including several prominent global personalities, like Messrs Cary Grant, Montgomery Clift and HRH Prince Charles. Even today, Prince Charles swears his allegiance towards a sinful pair of John Lobb Oxfords, which serves to be a perfect example of enduring welt construction.

Dominates the fashion circuit forever

Goodyear welted shoes are conventional in make — for years, they are into fashion and they still dominate the fashion circuit. Derbies, Oxfords and Brogues are some common shoe styles that boasts of Goodyear-welting shoe technique, and trust me they would never go out of style in the coming few years at least.

To read the full blog, click here: Goodyear Welted Shoes: What Makes Them So Special

Fellmonger is a one-stop-shoe-shopping destination that offers exquisite Goodyear Welted handmade shoes for men. Help yourself to buy one, and pump up your style!

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