Italian Leather Shoes — the best option for modern men to look dapper

Shoes today are not just a safeguard for the feet but an important accessory to enhance the look of a person. Talking of men, a nice hair cut with breathtaking attitude and a pair of perfect shoes, completely steals the show. Gone are the days when experimenting with variations of shoes was restricted only to the domain of women. In the present scenario men are being flooded with choices like handmade shoes for men, men’s leather casual shoes, to name a few.

The Beginning — The roots of leather boots for men can be traced back to Italy. Local Craftsmen, commonly known as the Cordwainer, were the masterminds behind the famous Italian leather Shoes. Soft animal skin with the perfect tanning is the combination behind the success of leather shoes.

Classic Mens leather Casual Shoes

Italians have been associated with the art of making shoes for a period of thousand years. The 1950s era saw the emergence of a host of ‘informal shoes’ like Oxfords, loafers and boots. Perfectly designed, with the most attractive style and usage of fine tanned calf leather to take care of the comfort — they are an inevitable purchase even today. Thus, men in a quest to look dapper in both formal and casual, Italian leather shoes are the best option for a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Handmade Shoes for men with style

Italy and leather shoes are truly inseparable terms. Italy has its long association with craftsmen involved in the production of best handmade shoes for men. The early 1900s saw Italian craftsmen using fifteen different types of traditional techniques for the production of a perfect pair of shoes. Times have changed with the evolution of modern machineries in the shoe industry. Still, Italian craftsmen have kept the fame intact with the usage of the soft animal skin finely tanned as the basic ingredient of shoe making. The modernity of traditions and the immense hard work of extremely skilled craftsmen have made Italian leather shoes what it is today.

The transition of leather boots for men

Victorian age saw a clear demarcation of formal and casual wear boots. Long riding boots were the most common thing where as dress boots kept were in store for very formal occasions. Then the usage of leather included specialized patient leather as well the ordinary black calf leather. With the emergence of modern times, the dress boots modified its looks and now are worn with both formal and casual wears. Since time immemorial, leather boots for men have been the product of the immense hard work by Italian craftsmen.