What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes Better Than Machine-Made Counterparts

Shoes define a personality but a shoe construction is a tale to tell. Here are few things you need to know about handmade and machine-made shoes that deepens the line of difference:

· Handmade shoes have a unique appeal, and stays on the highest point of our priority list. Though a section of society prefers machine-made shoes but the larger portion vouches for handmade leather shoes.

· The leather used in Fellmonger shoes look luxurious without compromising on the durability aspect. The leather used in handmade shoes is definitely of fine quality and exudes a rich texture, which makes people go crazy.

· The soles of these shoes are also made up of leather. However, in case of machine made shoes, the soles are made using PU/TPR, which doesn’t last long.

· How many times have you changed your choice of footwear just because the shoe doesn’t fit you right? Many, right? Machine made shoes come with this size problem but if you fix your gaze on a pair of handmade shoes online the problem evaporates right away!.

· Customer is the king — no I’m not kidding! His preference and taste should be of utmost importance, while constructing a beautiful pair of designer shoes online. It doesn’t happen in case of machine made shoes.

· Factory-produced shoes are manufactured in the same production process, in which if one thing goes wrong it cannot be rectified. If shoes are designed in a workshop, each pair is delicately created by skilled craftsmen so that the room for mistakes is drastically reduced.

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