Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Through the eyes of a fello.

Although we pride ourselves on strong product strategy and design, we occasionally do Branding. It’s something that we thoroughly enjoy, it almost brings back a feeling of nostalgia as it was something we did at the start of our careers. Another reason we love doing it, is simply because it’s fun. The workshops are super interactive and chilled out. It probably helps that we always fill the room with beers and gin. Don’t judge us, it’s a great combo. These sessions are not just great fun, but also super insightful, you end up coming out with results you would of never thought of. We even did one internally for fello. We gained valuable insights that we’ve taken forward to everything we do, including imagery, our tone of voice, and even how we use emoji’s 😇.

We promise we’re not alcoholics

This particular project’s brief was to create a brand identity for an Alexa Skill, an app to book flights seamlessly ✈️. We had never worked on a Virtual Assistant platform before so we were super stoked to get started.

We began the workshop understanding the problem this product was solving, learning about the Founders background and their story, this helps to add context, and really is a great starting point.

Usually designed after a workshop, but it’s something we talk about during these sessions

With the team we worked together using all types of medium, from sticky notes, whiteboard sketching, and playful imagery. With this we came up with a set of values, shapes, target demographic, a vague colour palette etc. We were armoured with an arsenal of material ready for the next stage of branding. From just a couple of hours we had achieved a lot, the only thing that was missing was the visual identity.

First iteration of (rough) logos

We are very meticulous in the time we put setting up these workshops, we understand the importance of how a brand is perceived and what it represents, we understand that branding is not just a logo. As Jeff Bezos brilliantly communicated…

“your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

We ended the workshop with a massive smile on all our faces, and cheering over a few cans of Bud, yep we like to keep it classy.

From this workshop we were able to design what you see before you, an abstract bird in a soft yet modern approach. The reason for designing a bird was because of the product’s name — Tern, which is a breed of bird. Fun fact, it has one of the longest known migration routes of all animals 😮 …we loved the thought behind the name.

The colour palette and shapes were purposely used to evoke the values of the brand. We also had to create a clean, clear and easy to distinguish logo, as it had to be easily visible as an app icon.

Does this sound like fun? Hit us up and we can do one of these with you!

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