I took a poll on my twitter account. The poll was to find out what % of my active followers enjoy pulp/no pulp/some pulp, or they just don’t like OJ altogether. Very interesting findings. As you can see by the chart above; 7% off my active followers don’t like orange juice. Interesting. What kind of juice do they like? Do they like juice? 31% of my followers enjoy Some Pulp in their OJ. I think that’s pretty neat. 39% id my active followers do not like pulp. 23% of my active followers enjoy full on pulp, which is pretty neat. The 39% that do not like pulp are people I would like to speak with, to find out why. Not that I have anything against them, I’m genuinely curious. This tweet got two likes, two retweets, and 103 votes in total. You’re my reader and I know you’re not dumb, so you can do whatever extra math you feel is necessary to come to an even further conclusion. Thanks for reading- Fellowinameadow

written 6/26/17 4:48AM

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