Clubhouse is the best product management tool this year!

Nicolas Grasset
Sep 12, 2015 · 3 min read

We’ve tried Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Github issues and, Zenhub and Jira, but none was really satisfying the whole engineering or product team. So you could say that all team need a different tool, and for us, it is

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How do we go about choosing it?

Issues definitions

  1. Each issue can have one entry with a unique ID
  2. Issues can be created with title only
  3. Issues can be created with title and description
  4. Issues can be labelled/tagged
  5. Issues can have sub-tasks
  6. Missing: Completing all sub-tasks should change the status of a task


  1. Issues can be shown on a Kanban board per label or status
  2. Kanban board with multiple swim lanes per project/user
  3. Support for multiple projects
  4. Support for multiple projects in a single filterable list
  5. Support for multiple projects in Kanban board
  6. Ability to filter to see 1 project at a time
  7. Ability to filter to see assignment to 1 person at a time
  8. Issues can reference dependencies
  9. Missing: Issues can reference blockers
  10. Blockers can be visualized or filtered in list
  11. Issues can be prioritized in list and board
  12. Issues can be prioritized with drag and drop
  13. Issues are assigned to users
  14. Issues can be assigned to multiple users
  15. Issues can have watchers for notifications
  16. List of issues can be embedded or associated with description for EPICS


  1. Comments and description have support for images
  2. Comments and description of issues should support Markdown syntax
  3. Images can be dragged and dropped into the issue
  4. Updates trigger emails
  5. Email response to update comments
  6. Issues status can be updated with Github commit
  7. Missing: Issues can be updated with Github pull request status
  8. Issues should be updated with comments from Github commits

Creating issues

  1. Missing: New tickets can be queued by non-dev/prod users (Customer Support)
  2. Multiple issues can be created from a same view/page
  3. Issues can be created and edited in the same view

Agile flow

  1. Issues can be added to a Sprint
  2. Missing: Sprint velocity can be visualized by points
  3. Late task can be highlighted in list
  4. Missing: Sprint tasks can be visualized in a burn down chart with time/points
  5. Sprint tasks can be visualized in a burn down chart with # of issues
  6. Missing: Estimated delay can be highlighted in list or velocity or burn down chart
  7. Issues can have status change with different assignees
  8. Issues can have status: DEFINED (in backlog)
  9. Issues can have status: PLANNED (in sprint)
  10. Issues can have status: STARTED
  11. Issues can have status: IN REVIEW
  12. Issues can have status: CLOSED
  13. Issues can have status: DEPLOYED
  14. Issues can have a product owner and an assignee
  15. Product Requirements (for Epics) can be defined on a Wiki page
  16. Issues can be programmatically linked in Wiki pages
  17. Status of issues is shown automatically in or next to Wiki pages


Not all teams will have the same set of requirements, but this is what we landed with. And it feels great because the Clubhouse team is also in NYC and has been responding very quickly to all of our comments, so it’s only going to get better with time!

  • — 87% (48 out of 55)
  • Jira — 76% (42 out of 55)
  • Pivotal Tracker — 70% (39 out of 55)
  • Github + — 58% (32 out of 55)

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