Hi Nicolas,
Stephen Siu

Hi Stephen,

Pivotal Tracker is a great tool, and it was only 9 points below ClubHouse. These points listed in my post are a little arbitrary. Specifically, they’re all related to the fact Tracker is a lot more opinionated, giving a little less flexibility when it comes to visualizing projects, status, teams, etc. There is one main view and we’re missing other ways to explore the stories. As a result, we cannot have a DEPLOYED state for example after DELIVERED. Finally, two minor details are the use of MarkDown in comments, and the the different hooks available to story status automation.

On a side note, I’ve noticed a lot of good development coming from ClubHouse since we made the move, and I have not been following PT, but I know not much had changed in the past 2 years. I strongly recommend ClubHouse.

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