Of course people have agency to choose who they are friends with.

“But if that’s one’s decision, to cut people off over an election outcome, just do it and own the choice.”

I wish I could look upon this and say that this election held nothing more than a A lost and B won. And then go about the next four years.

But like many others, I can’t. I’m one of the people with disabilities that Trump made light of — as if it was funny. As if it was normal.

Racism, sexism, misogyny — these things are not normal. They have to be taught. We are not naturally racist, sexist or misogynist.

But to you, it was just an election result.

I wish in the future that your life is threatened over an election result. Not out of anger, but so that you will be faced with understanding.

It is quite clear, Tom, that you neither understand nor empathize.

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