A New Way to Move in Munich

After 2 months looking for a new apartment, I finally found one. It was spacious, nice wooden floors, and had a balcony over-looking a garden. There was just one catch. I had to move in two weeks, because my contract on the old place ran out real soon.

I thought about renting a truck and getting a few friends to help, but co-coordinating it was too hard. If one friend could make it, then the other couldn’t; and with the amount of stuff and heavy furniture I have I needed as many pairs of hands as I could get! Also, the thought of driving a truck through the center of Munich wasn’t an appealing prospect!

So I decided to hire movers. I went on Google, and typed in “Munich moving companies”, but the choice was over-whelming. Luckily I found Smoovr, a website which compares the best moving companies in the local area. I thought I would give it a try, as dealing with movers over the phone or via email with my limited German would be challenging.

Luckily, Smoovr’s site is in English and German, so it was easy to navigate, and the process was very simple. Fill in a few quick questions and then just record a video of my inventory with my smartphone. Done in 10 minutes.

I waited a few hours for the first offer, and after 2 days had 5 offers to choose from. Each moving company had reviews from Smoovr and other sites as well, and the prices were really much lower than I expected.

The movers I booked were great, they turned up on time and were polite and friendly. The foreman even spoke some English, which was helpful. They worked quickly and efficiently, protecting all my furniture with blankets and plastic wrap. A 2-bed apartment was emptied in about 2 and half hours, and all my stuff was put in the new place even quicker. Nothing damaged or scratched, so what more could I ask for?

I really recommend Smoovr — they make the process of moving, well, Smooth.

Check out Smoovr here.