Market Survey:

16 people were surveyed, and the questions they were asked was:

1: Would you be willing to buy this?

2: How much do you think this costs?

Bench-marking 2x2s and patent search:


Patent Search: a housing that thaws and air marinates meat

Single Serving Crock Pot

Patent Search: wheels attached to a crock pot to increase its portability

Granola Bar Tree

Patent Search: clips that attach to snack bags on a single device

Inflatable Car Tray

This product had the same market as the clip on car tray, so I combined those into one 2x2 because they were virtually the same product

Patent Search: a tray that slides out of the dashboard of a car Feasibility


Defroster/Marinator: The concern for this product is whether or not it is possible to keep the meat in a safe environment so food borne illnesses are not generated.

Single Serving Crock Pot: There are a lot of things similar to single serving crock pots on the market. I need to be able to find away to make smaller crock pots more convenient.

Granola Tree: The fact that people might have to restock the granola bars would be a nuisance.

Clip on tray: The clip might not be able to support the weight of the tray or the items on the tray, resulting in a tray that is too small, or a bulky clip.

Inflatable car tray: The arm attached to the inflatable technology might not be sturdy enough to support a tray or items in the tray.