Milo is a fraud. Doesn’t anyone else see it?

Milo on Real Time with Bill Maher

I knew little about Milo Yiannopoulos before his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. I had heard of him, of course. And I had been warned by progressive writers and activists about his dangerous mind capable of controlling a swarm of far-right lunatics to act like savages online and attack unprovoked. Scary stuff!

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw… this.

This man does not have a dangerous mind. This man is a fraud. Call his act whatever you want: performance art or classic attention whoring. The only agenda Milo has on his mind is to sell books and profit in any other way he can.

At the beginning of the show Maher told Milo that he looked like Bruno.

He doesn’t just look like Bruno. HE IS BRUNO.

But instead of a few select rednecks and minor celebrities it’s all of us who are being trolled.

Whether you agree or disagree with Milo, taking his act seriously is the biggest compliment you can pay him. And honestly, you’re an idiot for doing so either way. Not because you shouldn’t be outraged when outrageous things are said or written, but because he’s doing it to trigger you and you are giving him exactly what he wants.

Milo is what you get when a YouTube comment and a Twitter egg have a baby

Old internet wisdom says that we should not feed the trolls. Now apply that same logic to Milo. As for his “army”, it probably largely consists of pathetic fuckboys who still live in their parents’ basement, have only had sex with their hand and seen a naked girl on the computer screen. They are doing it just for the lulz, or whatever term kids nowadays use. Indeed, they are a terrifying bunch. Up to the moment when their moms find out what they’ve been up to and whip their asses.

All Milo really has is shock value

Watch the video once more. Notice how Milo is not really quick-witted or sharp-tongued. He doesn’t have killer comebacks. All he has are demonstrably false and outrageous statements. The more so, the better. And they need to be obviously false. Otherwise people who disagree with him won’t be able to respond with righteous outrage quickly enough.

Read between the lines. Watch him when he’s not talking. Look at how uncomfortable he is. He is utterly incapable of participating in a meaningful discussion. He is fidgeting, looking around aimlessly, or adjusting his rings. When he is not the centre of attention enjoying the audience’s reaction to his absurd statements, he is completely helpless and useless. And here’s the bottom line: don’t take the bait! Mock and ignore him instead. He is only dangerous when we pay attention to him and take him seriously.

He will go away like all before him

Milo will probably write a couple of books, but he is starting to join the mainstream now. He’s already made a name for himself and the only way his second book will do better than the first (which is all that matters to him and his team — btw, he definitely has a team) is by making his views and statements more palatable, so they’d appeal to a wider audience. And this is the beginning of the end for him. Then he will go away for a few years and one night as you’re making dinner you will see him in an extended interview talking about how he’s changed, how wrong he was, how he hated himself and that’s why he hated everyone else and now he’s reformed. Because the only thing that sells better than controversy is redemption. He will write another book on his transformative experience and that will be that.

Don’t be a dummy. Don’t fall for his tricks at any point of this 3-act play. Because the play was written not by Shakespeare, but by the Kardashians. Or most likely by Charlie Brooker (that’s a ‘Black Mirror’ reference).