Improving Healthcare Service by Empowering Patients

Though the challenges of the Healthcare sector in Nigeria are well storied, and receive regular attention from both public and private Stakeholders, the challenges have remained largely unresolved.

Most stakeholders focus on one side of the Healthcare equation- the service provider equation i.e. the Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary and the like, while there is almost no focus on the other part of the healthcare equation — Patients and other Users.

This Gap, which is largely due to weak negotiation power of Patients and other Users is the major cause of poor Funding, lack of Professionalism and appalling Health Outcomes.

While investments in the Staffing and Equipment are increasing in Healthcare sector, there should also be investments on improving Patient Experience and Patient Outcomes.

Deploying a strategy of measuring and improving Patient Experience and Patient Outcomes will result in an Outcomes-oriented and responsive Health System.

Actively Empowering Patients and other Hospital Users to document Patient Experience and provide feedback on Patient Outcomes will ensure accountability and improvement in Hospitals.

Stakeholders like the Government, Corporate Organizations and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) should be at the forefront of championing Tools that improve Patient Experience in Hospitals.

The Stakeholders also need to develop enabling environment for Patient Empowerment Tools that Patients and other Hospital users can use to assess their experience in Hospitals.

Such a Tool is the Hospital Rater- Rate Your Hospital (RYH) that compares Hospitals in a locality with an average of Users’ perception of their Services.

RYH evaluates Service Delivery at Customer facing points like Registration, Nurses, Consultation with the Doctor, Pharmacy and Laboratory are evaluated by Users, and the average of user responses is used to score and rate Hospitals in a locality.

The Hospital rating per locality is used to rank Hospitals. This forces a competitive rivalry amongst Hospitals in a defined geographical area; Patients can identify and choose the best rated Hospitals in that area for their Healthcare Service.

Hospitals rendering excellent services would continually rank higher than competing Hospitals, leading to more Customers and Patients and increased profits.

Rate Your Hospital (RYH) is a mobile and web Hospital rater that compares Hospitals in the same locality based on Patient Experience

RYH aids Hospital Engagement with Patients and other Hospital Users and ensure Hospitals can access Patient feedback, through which Hospitals can achieve Targeted Improvement of Service Delivery in Hospitals.

The RYH web platform and applications is provided free to Patients and Users.

RYH is available on Google Store at.

RYH is available on iOS at