Proactively Healthier

Though Healthcare Service is generally poor in Nigeria, there are pockets of excellent Service Providers delivering top-notch Healthcare service.

Coupled with the fact that Healthcare is becoming more specialized and complex, Consumers of Healthcare service require expert help in identifying Service Providers.

Consumers also need to tie cost competitiveness to excellent Service Delivery.

The Healthcare marketplace is evolving along other service-oriented industries with more consumers searching and identifying Health Organizations online.

Healthier is the final step of the Healthcare transaction for Consumers to purchase Healthcare Services online.

Healthier is an online marketplace for Healthcare Services that focuses on Preventive Health Solutions for Consumers

Consumers can purchase Preventive Healthcare Services via a web and mobile Solution at competitive rates from a network of carefully selected and vetted Healthcare Service Providers.

Service Providers send reports of Healthcare service directly to Consumers thereby giving them unfettered access to their Health Information.

Healthier Users view the reports of Healthcare service including test results on Healthier saving precious man-hours, thereby empowering Consumers to be in charge of their Health.

Healthier prevent Diseases by helping Users save and track their critical Healthcare Numbers like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Lipids.

Healthier ensure Users’ Ownership of personal Health Information by providing immediate and secure Access to Healthcare Information for Users on electronic and mobile devices with personalized access codes

Healthier Users can consult with preferred Medical Professionals with personal Health Information that is under the User’s control.

Consumers can also book appointments with different Specialists and Specialist Service Providers automated Appointment Manager and Easy to Use Appointment Reminders

Healthier increases User satisfaction by reducing Patient Wait Times and ensuring Effective Utilization of Clinicians and other Healthcare Professionals.

Healthier improves operational Processes in Service Providers allowing them to serve Consumers better and render excellent service.

Healthier is currently available, as web app while the mobile app will be released on app stores like Apple, Android and Blackberry