Fashion Tricks and Tips That Will Change Your Life — #Boutique #Ladies tailor #suit stitching #Tailor service # Book a Tailor # Designer ladies tailors # Doorstep Tailoring for Ladies

Every time you open a wardrobe do you struggle with the question what to wear and what not to? Do you find it difficult to mix and match prints? Here we bring some tips and trick which helps you look fashionable every time you step out of your house.

1) Find a good tailor: — We all buy ready-made clothes, but it is not necessary that they will always fit you perfectly. Wearing Ill fitted clothes is not a good idea as they can make you look bigger than your size. In such cases case, you can visit a tailor, who wills the required fittings as per your size. A tailor will help you flaunt well fitted ready-made clothes. So, book online boutique and tailor services to get your alterations done.

2) Learn to pull off prints: — Wearing Neutral is an easy task, but wearing prints is not. Learn to mix and match prints, in this way you can get a new look every time. All you need to so be mix patterns belonging to same group or patterns of the same sizes.

3) Stock up Basics: — You should stock up basic wardrobe essentials like plain tees, denim, jackets, Black dress, Blazer, pencil skirts and Indian ethnic wear. It is good to have trendy clothes, but the basic one are never going out of fashion ,so buy the best quality while buying them.

4) Dress According to your body type: — While purchasing any piece of clothing keep in mind your body type .Buy Clothes that will enhance your strengths and hide your weakness. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body wears loose bottoms and tight fitted tops and tees or if you have inverted triangle body shape wear loose tops and flaunt your legs with fitted jeans.

5) Dressing All In one color will elongate your figure: — Wearing all pieces of clothing in one color requires a bit of skill. As it can look boring but it can make you appear longer than your real height. All need to do is choose different texture and shades to create interest and avoid flatness.

6) The horizontal stripes can make you look fat: — Avoid horizontal stripes if you are striving to look thin and slim. The horizontal stripes can make will make you appear bigger than your size also, there is a possibility that it will make you look shorter as well.

7) Fashion is not about following the trend: — Looking fashionable is not about the following the trend, it is about the confidence that you have to even pull off a basic tee and denim. So, don’t follow trends blindly instead wear clothes in which you are comfortable and confident. And

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