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For so many today who are working from home, running our business from the basement office, or launching our stealth startup on our off hours, the shift to relying on our infrastructure is so apparent: increased electricity usage, more internet needs, and all the needs of home and work and school combined, make it a rough time especially working in small spaces with kids and adults on Zoom and Webex and Hangouts and Bluejeans meetings non-stop.

Have you noticed an increase in your power bill?

If you have, consider the current times as another reason why it’s so important —…

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The pace of change continues to intensify — and those of us tasked with being flexible and responsive, especially in using technology to advance our organizations’ mission, vision, and values, must do as well as we possibly can in identifying what’s on the horizon. We’re hustling to make our products, tasks, and tools adjust to that future, and still retain their effectiveness, be up -to-date with information, and be engaging.

As a builder, it’s always fun to be on that world-changing edge, but it’s also nerve-wracking (amirite friends?) …

Watch the livecast:

Here’s a quicklink to the YouTube archive of the amazing Y Combinator sponsored Female Founders Conference in New York City, held June 2018.

Many thanks to all the organizers and participants!

16:15 Welcome & Keynote | Jessica Livingston

40:25 Nine Things you can learn from My story

43:44 Founder Talk |
Cofounders of The Muse: Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew
With Kat Manalac, Partner at Y Combinator

1:05:49 Fireside Chat| Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO of Zola
Moderated by Kirsty Nathoo, Partner/CFO at Y Combinator

1:24:17 Panel | Essential Startup Advice Moderated by Adora Cheung, Partner at Y Combinator, with Tiffani…

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Many of the female founders we meet are passionate and committed to their work, but as a group we don’t often get a chance to discuss difficult issues like the fear/reality of failure, what to do when a relationship is being impacted by your entrepreneurial efforts, fundraising challenges at different levels, constructive critiques on pitches, general feedback, emotional support, and even how to evaluate when to move forward, pivot, or even stop.

Are you a female founder, or do you support female founders in your work as a professional, investor, or advisor?

The mission of the Community Café in St. Petersburg, Florida, is to cultivate a welcoming, comfortable, and safe space that becomes a home away from home, and as owner Mandy Keyes explains, “our prime objective is to bring the community together. Hence the name, Community Cafe :)”

This community center is open daily and late nights, and has something for everyone including gluten-free, vegetarian and veg-friendly options. Popular on the menu is the portabella quesadilla, the pesto tofu panini with seared tofu, zucchini, red peppers, red onions and feta, Mandy’s Wrap with fresh spinach, tomatoes, and shredded carrots with feta…

Female Founders and Investors

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