Follow A Female Founder: Shauna Li Roolvink

Find Your Dream Job 101. That is essentially what is all about. Founded by Shauna Li Roolvink, strives to be the comprehensive career exploration portal in an ever-changing job market for users everywhere. Find out more about the female founder behind this real-world necessity below!

Shauna Li Roolvink (

Industry: Education

Revenue model: SaaS

3 year plan: Conquer the world; in our first year, we already have 10 international schools from 4 continents on board our platform.

Describe three of the most significant growth curves in your business.

We are just starting so we are on our first slow curve. It is a sector that takes time to grow but is fairly stable once you have your foot in the door as long as you can maintain your competitive advantage.

How does your business fit into the future of your industry?

We want to bring easily digestible information and transparency to a sector that uses outdated and incomplete information.

What has been your biggest insight or lesson learned about running a business?

Online business is not that different from offline business despite all the jargon and tools available. The tools add efficiency and tracking but they are just tools. Humans are still very much needed to make day-to-day decisions on market segmentation/targets, content, investment, etc.

What has been your scariest moment? How did you resolve it?

I wouldn’t call them scariest moments but more like obstacles. One is finding the right tech talent/team to work with. Mistakes are often made as part of the learning curve and sometimes it takes luck to find the right team and when you do, it is such a relief.

Having said that, technology is not your biggest obstacle as it is often resolvable. Sales & marketing is often much much harder and having sales and marketing experience is a huge plus.

What is the one piece of advice you want to give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Do your homework and pay your dues, such as being involved with other start-ups in whichever capacity possible.

Having previous entrepreneurship experience is a big plus. I ran my own brand consulting firm for over 10 years prior to starting

Keep your burn rate to the bare minimum as getting your first customer often takes much longer than expected.