Team Spirit should not be segregative

My first week at Andela is becoming one of the best weeks of my life. This is because I have got a chance to meet very many new and interesting people -My group mates…. I have this love for working in a group. I have been a teacher by profession and trust me there is no teacher that would want to teach themselves. I have therefore been so glad to find that I have a team to work with.
I got a chance of being allocated to one of the best groups during this boot-camp. I also got a chance of getting one of the best facilitators ever. My team is a group of seven people with the following team members: Armstrong(Ever vibrant), Frank A, Jonathan, Victoria, Adralia and another Frank. Our LFA is Peter Walugembe.
I will talk about my LFA first. I would say with Peter I would never have asked for any better. He is the serious type and very understanding. He is also a good listener and always ready to reach out when we raise him. He is also very understanding and very good communicator. His feedback is always precise and on point. Peter also always follows our daily progress and advises us where necessary. He also encourages us to work in our teams hence boosting our team spirit.
The three group mates that I would love to talk about are Jonathan, Adralia and Frank Okiror. these are the team members that I have at least interacted with more than once. I am a beginner in the field of coding and these people have been so supportive to me and have always reached out to me whenever I got stuck. That is the best I have had this week. 
Putting aside all these all the team members are so supportive through helping me with the necessary resources. The team members are also compassionate and when I had some health issue they all stood by me. The team members have also helped me review my work and always advise me where I should make changes in order to have quality work.
I recommend team spirit in any organization as it brings about a spirit of togetherness. It also helps people to get diverse ideas thus improving their current knowledge. It also helps us to be good communicators and great organizational manager. Team Spirit also helps us to improve the quality of our projects by sharing ideas.
Bravo Andela… Bravo Team Spirit!