Andela Bootcamp: The Long, narrow bridge.

I keep wondering why I had to write 📝 this at 5:45 on a Monday morning. Because I crossed the long, narrow bridge? Maybe, but really, success or failure inspires the not-so-sweet but adorable writer in me to open my flooded mind.

I broke my sleep earlier and lost the connection totally. “Uuuughh, thank God”, was let out of my mouth unconsciously as I slowly rested my back on the wall. I had made it to the second week and I couldn’t but pat myself on the back after one week of war, hunger and sleeplessness…

A quick recap of the war times

My previous post about learning gave a dive into my learning life blah blah… Eventually, after an interview session at Amity (home to Andelans), I got signed on for the 2-week bootcamp (which seemed to be the UCL Final, and really it is).

So, weeks passed and it was finally week 1 of the struggle. Everyone I met that week seemed to be nice and gentle, but deep down we were all threats to one another. It was a long week as we were thought new things everyday from morning warm-ups to games, soft skills, knowledge evaluation and programming and were constantly pushed beyond our limits to deliver outstanding results. Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration (EPIC) was the core of everything and I demanded more of myself through the rising challenges. At the end of the week, I had improved dramatically. Now I realised I had been competing with none but myself. I had been my only threat. By this time, some soldiers had fallen.

War times are hard times.

…Fast forward to Monday morning. After reminiscing the victory over my old self, I remembered I was just halfway into the long narrow bridge. Thought I had crossed already, but nope, it’s just the beginning…

To be continued.