Be Wary of the Tyrant.

You don’t need anyone’s validation to lead your life. It is important to be conscious of this notion.

In a landscape like Nigeria, where people create hierarchies for themselves based on social, cultural and religious norms but refuse the ingrained leadership that these position entails — forget them. They don’t matter. True leaders are difficult to find in a befuddled speech of orators, preachers and pastors. What is therefore essential is to reinvent the wheel.

Read for direction. ‘Study to show thyself approved’ that’s what the bible says. We are often too disturbed to observe, to gain epiphanies when we rely on some persona to do it for us. We need a lot of independence to become what we need to become.

I hear guidance all the time, chiming in the ears of every child. Guidance is good. But when guidance begins to stifle the innate creative prowess of anyone, or challenge the freedom of expression in any place or at any time, the persona must rise above the tyrant who once called him or herself a guide. A guide is not the road, a guide should not cover your face towards the lush of great things.

This is part of why I have refused to engage ideas, people and leadership the way a lot of people have turned men to revered legends. Every man has a broken chord and most of the time, it is a self-aggrandizement of a sort.

There are people whose experience of leadership is the experience of the displaced followership. A monologue of a military junta or a huge wail, an orgaistic squelching from their repetitive rhetoric, that makes no difference. A psychosomatic calling to something.

History has been unfavourable to the fair. It had dotted despots as perfect examples of leadership, because the story is told from a point of view of the resourceful. There is little time to dig deeper to find that altruism, that contradicting gaze, so bandwagon is preferable. Your despot has emerged the most prolific, the most cunning, the most silent, the pretentious pious, your tyrant has emerged.

I prefer renegade leaders. I have met some. The type that allows an argument, that tests ideas with the least and allows for refusals. The kind of leadership that is not authoritative but constructive. Constructive in the sense that there is a realisation that both the teacher and the taught are evolving by the experience of engagement.

Only few men have this special quality, most are make-shift tyrants, a military garb will fit them most appropriately. I discover these tendencies amongst writers, preachers, artists who bring their ego to their work, who moralise towards a justified self end. I distance from them. They convey some entitlement they don’t’ deserve. This is a pointer.

I ask myself. What sort of a leader am I. I am a crazy leader. I want the job done. So you can call me boss. Blunt, tending to perfectionism. I am scatterbrain so you can guess the consequences. Nevertheless, I allow for contestation of ideas. In moments of felicity and jokes, I can spoil my folks and show them off to many people, recommend them and help them with personal gigs. They wont be with me forever.

I am a phoenix. I rise .