Good Money

New money is always boastful

old money is always calm.

when new money dies, old money remains.

New money is always loud

it has arrived from somewhere by a stroke of guile.

Old money is always regal.

wealth is a pledge taken at a father’s deathbed.

New money wants the world to close its shop

see it choreograph itself to their losses.

Old money greets its neighbours and closes the gates

counts the cost of noise when there is a well in the backyard.


Old money knows about the brass tacks

basic, common sense.

New money knows about the glitz of nowness

basic java script.

Old money is judgemental of new money

it was once new. Once brutish. Once denigrating. Once in a rush to somewhere.

Some new money comes from old money

those are the pearls in an age of sand.

Young people are like new money. They are crisp

the libido strums the guitar with a light-headedness that buys.

Old money is wine for the ages. mature tint.

unannounced, like Soyinka in Freedom Park.

© Femi Morgan 2017