It took me several years to complete the book, ‘Renegade' because I wanted to write something different, something unique. I wrote ‘Renegade’ between 2012–2015, not that stretch but in-between these three years. I had to travel, to work, to curate at artmosphere and handle other affairs.

I had also been involved in a lot of book festivals. I also had a second degree, and professional degrees to complete. The work had to go out of my laptop to my publishers one way or the other.

I had sacked my editor in 2012, so I decided I needed another. This time it would be someone who would consider both the aesthetics of the verse and the grain of language. I found that in Tolase Ajibola, poet,editor of sankofamag and statistician. There were poems that were expunged. It made me weep in my soul. Some had to be rewritten and arguments on the logic behind the verse had to be settled.

Off to external editors-I can’t call them editors. They are critics and fellow writers. They tested every verse to fire and at times I had to intervene ‘hey folks, I am not trying to be one of you. I am trying to conceive a renegade culture of some sorts’. We both laughed at the impossibility of a challenge, maybe.

Manuscript phase done.

My publisher, The Baron’s Cafe talked to some more people (creative writers) about the book. They worked on getting the blurbs and for a while there was silence.

This came in

Was very excited. Fell in love with it, love at first sight.

Short lived.

But it had gone out as the definitive cover for the book. The social media had caught the bug of the cover.

Innocent Inalegwu Alifa is the Head of Design, IT Services and Social media of the Publishing firm. I walked into the office one day and here he was with an epiphany of his.

This time, I took my time. Waking and sleeping. The better wine was served at a latter time like in Jesus’ time. Just kidding

It’s official

I really thought that no book would sway me into an overtly exerted enthusiasm like my first chapbook, Silent Drummings, printed during my university years.

This cover blew me away.