Optherium: Introducing advanced HyperLedger technology and a decentralized file system.


This is a robust blockchain service provider that any business can gain from. Introduction of MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network offers a full-featured Operating System, turning this Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure into the standard that will bridge the gap between the traditional and digital economies.

Furthermore,as non-cash payments have become tradition, cryptocurrency could revolutionize the economy by becoming a means of spending, used interchangeably with fiat currency. Recently,there are many issues that have prevented cryptocurrency from becoming a mainstream asset. A lot of people are still scared of losing their fiat money upon transferring it to a digital currency. Many do not know how to handle blockchain properly, but they are also unsure of which digital currency they should invest in, how to get it where to store it, and most importantly, how to use it or convert it to fiat again.simply speaking,they don’t know how to manage their digital assets.

Optherium Labs Platform

Optherium Labs’ B2C platform will allow individuals unprecedented access to useful tools to manage their own digital assets and our B2B platform will enable businesses to conduct extremely fast transactions for lower costs in a distinctly secure and transparent environment.


Dynamic Biometric check

Wallet supplier Service

Know your client service

Biometric Key Recovery Service

Characteristics of the Open-Source Optherium Labs Ecosystem includes the followings,

  • Revolutionary decentralized dynamic biometric security verification system.
  • Unmatched Multicurrency capabilities and multisignature security for companies or individuals.
  • Lightning fast transactions with ‘instant’ confirmation at a rate of 100,000 transactions/sec with multiple channels.
  • Revolutionary Key Recovery Service.
  • Robust Know Your Customer Protocol.
  • Comprehensive Digital Rights Registry.
  • Powerful and comprehensive B2B and B2C platforms and capabilities.
  • Financial transactions with mutual transparency.
  • Share of the company’s commission structure based on ownership of the Optherium currency.
  • Secure API with a nominal transaction fee structure.

Optherium Modular Ecosystem

The Optherium Modular Ecosystem makes use of private MultiDecentralized blockchain that is Multisecure, supports various currencies, uses dynamic biometric verification, and introduce instant multisignature transactions with confirmations on a Hyperledger Platform.

With Optherium individuals and corporations can store their digital assets and initiate instant transactions anywhere in the world. Optherium’s Modular Ecosystem confirms up to 100,000 transactions per second.Which is 4 times faster than Visa.

Optherium’s Ecosystem enables that transaction near-instantly, anywhere in the world. Starting sending, receiving, and exchanging cryptocurrencies globally at confirmation speeds of up to 100,000 transactions per second.

Merits of the Optherium Modular Ecosystem.

  • Solid time saving: forget about wasting time and effort on exchanging fiat money to crypto and vice versa.
  • Advanced security: be sure of the security and convenience the Optherium card has to offer.
  • Mobility: you can pay with your card worldwide using crypto and withdraw fiat money from any ATM.
  • Trendiness: don’t underestimate this. Crypto is trendy and people are using it, especially amongst millennials who already possess some amount of Bitcoin or altcoins and know how to manage crypto finances.

Token Informations




1 OPEX = 0.75 USD







Minimum investment

10,000 USD




Conclusively, Optherium help users to manage and use their digital assets more effectively, but it was specifically created to fundamentally change blockchain technology so that it becomes highly usable by the banking and finance industries and ordinary people all around the world. So, be a part of something incredible, join the blockchain revolution and get your tokens today.


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