Why I write (in celebration of getting back on the horse)

“There is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside you” — Maya Angelou

I recently discovered something. I never get better at anything by overthinking about it.

For overthinking begets worry and worry is the mother of not doing the work. Worry is a close ally of resistance.

The way to get better is by repeated practice. The art of doing, with short time for reflection in between, is the secret to improving.

Improvement manifests in the output so to truly improve, you have to have done. Thinking about doing doesn’t count.

I learnt this the hard way on my #PostADay Challenge. When I did it for consistency, I was good. Words flowed and I improved in bits.

But when I started worrying about churning out great pieces everyday, the writing dried up and I fell off the horse.

Every attempt to get back on, that was still hinged on delivering perfection at the first blow, failed. I had to reconnect to why I started the challenge in the first place.

I saw the quote above by Maya Angelou which reminded me why I started and which explained the pain I felt at my inability to continue.

The story I bear is seeking expression. The way to let it out is to express myself everyday. Otherwise, it would tear itself out of me and I would feel the pain.

The story I bear feels trapped and I need to give it expression so I don’t feel pain. That is why I write. That is why I write everyday.

Why do you write? What story do you bear inside you? Tell me about it in the comments below

#Day51 #PostADay Challenge