Bare feet

Short hair

Summer dress

Young and free

I could feel him watch me

I know I tempt you, old man

His entitlement shines in his eyes like glitter

I wish they would bleed

He looks at me and it takes him back

He misses his youth around me

Doesn’t talk much about his sweetie around me

Talks more about being a womanizer around me

We sat at that table in that Vietnamese restaurant

My lover had gone to the lavatory

He looked at me

His grin grew wider

There it was

the sparkle in his eye

I watched his head inflate as he

confidently explained how he’d swoop me up if he was my age

In his mind, I’m so easy

I’m just a fun game of tag

But he can’t keep up

I wait patiently for the bloody tears to drip as

He goes on about chemistry and it’s unlimitedness

Not even our age difference could stop it

However our difference in rage

I can’t help it

But to let him believe he’s pursued me

Let him think he has me in the palm of his hand

While I dance and spin in the middle

Until I’m floating slightly above.

No longer in his grasp

And he starts to feel cheated

In a panic

He’s lost his manhood

He thought I was an easy game

Tables turned

I knew what he wanted

And me being me

Well, I used it against him

Outraged him

Until he couldn’t keep his pettiness to himself

Until his face admitted his jealousy of a relationship between two women

His scrotum ached at the thought of two beautiful women making passionate love without needing his cock

Oh but he certainly knew what I needed

I needed a man

One to take care of me

One that I could take care of

I just needed a good fuck to fix me

Him being the first volunteer


Lol this picture was the day he kicks us out.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is a poem or a short story written in a weird format. Nonetheless, it’s my interpretation of a personal experience. If you have any clue, let me know! I’m always writing like this more than poetry. Anyway. Hope y’all like, much love!