High Priestess

I’m awake, I’m alone
I’m high on my throne
No longer weak
I can feel the strength in my bones
It’s been proven, I’ve grown
Taller than the hole I once called home
Far too big to be picked up or thrown
So I stand firm on my own
Hoping to have eventually outgrown
And surpass this dome
And I’m not talking about getting stoned
I’m talking about something we’ve never been shown
Resulting in the fear of the unknown
So consequently we can’t help but live like clones
While we moan with a tone similar to drones who have flown out of zone 
And straight to their gravestone
However, could you condone my flight through the cyclone 
As I hone to steer with my backbone
Acknowledging that I’m homegrown 
And to pain I will always be prone
But to suffer is to enthrone
And grow through a major milestone
Although you’ll come out looking like a bloodstone
With both of your cheeks full blown
Transform your agony to light and evolve into a lustrous moonstone
Singing jazz on the microphone 
Harmonizing with the saxophone
Embracing the vibrations of the baritone
As we swing and sway with the trombone
And to let it be known, not one note was overblown 
All flows perfectly, even the vibraphone
All the while pain is the undertone
Acting like our methadone
To the hurt we’ve always known
But for the life we refuse to disown
♡ Femina Flower ♡

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