Insight to Incite Permutation

Would you ever drop out of the capitalist system

Rule the ruling oppressor out of your life

I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck

Government check to government check

Waiting for them to pay me so I can pay them back

The common option they gave my people is no longer tradition for me

I’ve decided that

You say there’s no way out

I can show you there is

Some have lived this way for decades

Living off only the few things in your pack on your back

Solely dependent on your will to survive and the kindness of strangers

Not knowing where you’ll be at dawn

Some nights you won’t rest your eyes

Other nights you’d never felt so cozy

The sun will become your dearest friend

Keeping you safe with its radiance

Warning you as the hours pass

Moonlit shadows can make you think you’re tripping

Eyes play tricks but your gut always knows

Synchronicity will gain momentum before you can realize it

There will be names that will shine in your history and others that will burn until their crisps are nothing

You’ll learn to show gratitude in the simplest ways and that just saying Thank You goes a long way

Seize opportunities to pay it forward

Advertise Love and give it without judgement or hesitation

For everyone is battling their own terrors

Mold into the most animalistic you

Permit every perpetual possibility to shape your reality

Let the satisfaction of rattling souls stimulate your spirit

Live like me

To live like me is to live free